A Kitchen Renovation Always Takes Longer Than You Planned

When it comes to adding value to your house, there are two areas people tend to concentrate on – bathrooms and kitchens. (Windows also make a difference, but that  is another story…) Unfortunately, these are usually really big jobs which often end up costing significantly more and taking way longer than you or your contractor expected.

This can be the source of a big headache if you’re living there when the renovations happen. If you’re hoping to get a new modern kitchen but you have something of both a time and finance constraint, is there anything you can do to make it happen any faster?

If you’re hoping to get spanking new white kitchen cabinets tampa and protect your budget too one way is to opt for semi-custom cabinets. These are a mid-range option when it comes to refreshing the kitchen cabinets. One option is to put new doors and drawer fronts, but that tends to look odd if the structure behind is darker – which it often is.

The top option is to go for completely new cabinets, but now you are really talking some heavy money and a long lead time too because they are made especially for you. The mid-range option – the semi-custom option – arrive ready to assemble and they are simple enough that you could even do it yourself and save time with the contractor.

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The effect is exactly what you’re trying to achieve. The process is not as long and drawn out as the custom option and the finished product does look better than just putting on a new front unless you’re very careful in what you choose.

Get some expert help in the measuring, you really need to get that right, but once you have you’re good to go.